Anti-putin partisans seize control in russian territory amid fierce fighting

, 20:32, 12.03.2024
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Anti-Putin partisan groups launched attacks on Russian border regions, capturing the village of Tiotkino in the Kursk region. They claim initial successes, forcing Putin's army to retreat.

Anti-putin partisans seize control in russian territory amid fierce fighting

Legion "Freedom of Russia"

Anti-Putin partisan units have attacked Russian border territories. According to reports from local media, the actions were concentrated in the region of the village of Tiotkino in the Kursk region. Recordings published by the fighters indicate that the town was captured, and Putin's army abandoned their positions and fled. Meanwhile, the FSB and the Russian Ministry of Defense deny these reports and claim that the attack was repelled.

As reported, on Tuesday (March 12), a joint operation of partisan groups began: the Legion "Freedom of Russia", the Siberian Battalion, and the Russian Volunteer Corps. Russian anti-Putin partisan units were said to have appeared in the regions of the Belgorod and Kursk regions. Particularly fierce fighting was reported in the latter region, where it was concentrated around the town of Tiotkino. A video appeared on social media from the Legion showing the destruction of one of the Russian armored vehicles.

Intense fighting in Russia. Partisans: Putins army fled

Anti-Putin partisans are fighting on Russian territory. They report initial successes Since then, the group of fighters has published further posts and recordings from the battlefield. "Tiotkino in the Kursk region is under full control of the Russian liberation forces. Putin's troops are quickly leaving the town, abandoning their heavy equipment," the Legion wrote on the X portal. The posted video shows a group of people - presumably Russian soldiers - moving away from the area where the fighting is taking place.

Similar information appeared on social media accounts run by other partisan groups. "Under the pressure of our fighters, Putin's army left their positions and fled from their duty stations," reads a post from the Siberian Battalion on the Telegram platform.

Anti-putin fighters gain ground in russian territory

Journalists from Radio Svoboda decoded the location data of recordings showing a destroyed military vehicle and confirmed that it was in the town of Tiotkino. Andriy Yusuv, a representative of the Ukrainian military intelligence, emphasized in a comment to the RBK-Ukraine agency that the fighter groups are operating independently, led solely by Russian citizens. "They are at home. Apparently, there is a joint operation of these subunits," he said in an interview with Radio Svoboda.

Russia denies reports of progress by anti-Putin units. "They do not find confirmation in reality" The Federal Security Service denies that there are fights taking place on Russian territory. According to them, reports of armed formations entering border areas "do not find confirmation in reality."

The Russian Ministry of Defense also states that all attacks have been repelled, and the fighters have not crossed the border and suffered significant losses. According to reports from local media, the start of fighting on Russian territory was preceded by drone and missile attacks on the territories of nine Russian regions. Explosions were reported in the regions of Kursk, Belgorod, Bryansk, Leningrad, Moscow, Oryol, Tula, Voronezh, and in the vicinity of Nizhny Novgorod.

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