Another country expels Russian diplomats. The Kremlin is spreading propaganda again

, 17:12, 15.08.2023
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"This unfriendly move by Chisinau will have undoubted consequences," the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement. The Moldovan authorities decided to expel 45 employees of the Russian embassy.

Another country expels Russian diplomats. The Kremlin is spreading propaganda again

Moldova's President Maia Sandu: A Real Friend of the West

The decision was taken by the Moldovan Foreign Ministry on 26 July. Earlier, the head of the Information and Security Service, Aleksander Mustiata, suggested that embassy employees perform “spying” activities.

Shortly after the Russian diplomats arrived in the country, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a communique in which it warned the Moldovan authorities against the consequences of these actions.

"This unfriendly move by Chisinau will have undoubted consequences for Russian-Moldovan relations, but above all it will affect the inhabitants of both countries, whose possibilities of obtaining timely consular assistance and maintaining business and cultural ties will be significantly reduced", it was written.

"The leadership of Moldova bears full responsibility for this, which, as part of the large-scale anti-Russian campaign unleashed by them, made an unjustified decision to significantly reduce the personnel of Russian foreign missions in Moldova", it added.

Moldovan president: Russia plans to overthrow the government in Chisinau

Diplomatic tension between Moscow and Chisinau arose as a result of Maia Sandu's victory in the presidential election. Since then, the Russian authorities and pro-Russian parties in Moldova have been arguing about Moldova's aggressive, Russophobic attitude.

The Moldovan president has stressed several times in her statements that her country is seriously threatened by Russia. Their goal is to overthrow the government.

"Russia's future plan includes sabotage involving military-trained people dressed as civilians to carry out acts of violence, attacks on state buildings and taking hostages", she said in March.


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