Abandoned fortifications in Kursk Oblast. Ukrainian forces revealed the Russians' hoax

, 19:13, 24.09.2023
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Abandoned fortifications in Kursk Oblast. Ukrainian forces revealed the Russians hoax

Abandoned Russian bases. Ukraine reveals hoax

Many of the Russian military fortifications along the Kursk Oblast border with Ukraine now stand abandoned, serving as mere simulations of defensive “strongholds.” The Ukrainian National Resistance Center has reported that the majority of enemy personnel have been relocated to Zaporizhzhia and Donbas.

In early June, Ukraine initiated a counter-offensive campaign, marked by intense combat operations, particularly in the effort to liberate the Zaporizhia Oblast. However, Russian positions remain heavily fortified not only within Ukraine but also along the Kursk Oblast border, which is currently under Russian occupation.

Ukrainian forces revealed abandoned Russian military bases. Pictures shown

Ukrainian forces have come across abandoned Russian military installations, with photographic evidence to substantiate their claims. Local partisans provided critical information to the National Resistance Center regarding these deserted “strongholds,” primarily situated in regions adjacent to the Sumy Oblast. Aerial reconnaissance photos have confirmed the state of abandonment, revealing these sites as deceptive facades designed to mimic genuine, operational Russian defense facilities.

The photographs distinctly display areas that Ukrainian forces assert were intended to deceive observers into believing these were active Russian military outposts.

The National Center of Resistance has contended that the ruse involving these Russian fortifications serves not only to bolster the Armed Forces of Ukraine but also to benefit the allegedly corrupt governor of the Kursk region. In an official statement, it was mentioned that the soldiers of the Kursk Insurgent Army continue to collaborate with the Ukrainian Defense Forces in identifying hostile locations along the border with the Sumy Oblast.

The National Resistance Center emphasized that almost all of these strongholds lack personnel and equipment, with many now being reclaimed by nature as they become overgrown with vegetation. The majority of enemy forces have been strategically moved to Zaporizhzhia and Donbas, with plans in place for their destruction during the forthcoming counteroffensive by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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