"A significant success" for Polish volunteers. "They did the impossible"

, 18:06, 04.10.2023
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Ukraine has been fighting for almost 600 days. There are also Poles at the front who boasted about their success. "We have conquered what was unconquered," wrote the Polish volunteer soldier.

A significant success for Polish volunteers. They did the impossible

Poles who fight in Ukraine. “Everyone in their right mind is afraid”

Ukraine has been fighting for almost 600 days. There are also Poles at the front who boasted about their success. "We have conquered what was unconquered," wrote soldiers of the Polish Volunteer Corps (PKO), fighting on the side of Ukraine, on social media. One of the groups of this formation, commanded by "Lupus", achieved "tactical success in the Donbas direction".

The volunteers achieved their tactical goal in the Donbas direction, which they called a "significant success"

However, they did not specify what exactly it was about. It is known that this was done by soldiers of the 2nd assault group of the Polish Volunteer Corps, under the command of "Lupus", together with the R.U.G group, which is part of the 59th Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The position was considered impossible to conquer

"After very long preparations and a series of special trainings based on intelligence information, after over 30 hours of murderous fighting, we managed to capture a position (...) that had been considered impossible to conquer since the beginning of the war," they said.

Soldiers of other nationalities also fight under the PKO banner, alongside Poles. "Each of our soldiers showed great courage and bravery despite the enemy's numerical superiority and the terrain adapted for defense," said the formation commander.

The head of the 2nd assault group was awarded a medal for courage after completing this task. Ukraine.

The Polish Volunteer Corps is a military unit fighting on the side of Ukraine in the war with Russia, part of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Her appointment was announced in the media on February 19. A few days later, a channel appeared online, providing detailed information about the formation and its future participation in combat operations.

"An example for us are the currently functioning units of this type, composed of citizens of other nationalities fighting in Ukraine. Our goal is to create a model unit in every respect to worthily represent our volunteers and our country, which is the Republic of Poland," it was written at the time.

The unit did not inform , how many volunteers are currently on its staff. According to unofficial information, Poles are the fourth-largest national group fighting on the side of Ukraine in terms of number of people. More fighters are to come from Belarus, Georgia and Russia.

Poles have been fighting in Ukraine on the front since May

"The soldiers went into combat for the first time as a Polish group within the Armed Forces of Ukraine," it was reported. The news about operations directly at the front appeared on May 10 just after midnight. As reported, the unit was divided into two groups, one of which went to the Zaporozhye area, the other to Bakhmut.

"It was the first task of this group, where our boys were highly rated by the command," the statement added. It was also reported that the second group had been sent to Bakhmut.

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