A fire broke out in an oil storage facility near Bryansk, Russia. It is not the end

, 20:42, 20.01.2024
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An oil storage facility near Bryansk, Russia, is ablaze, with authorities blaming Ukrainians for a drone attack. The governor claims to have shot down a drone, but it inadvertently caused a fire.

A fire broke out in an oil storage facility near Bryansk, Russia. It is not the end

Fire or explosion? Why did the oil storage facilities in Bryansk catch fire?

An oil storage facility near Bryansk, Russia, is on fire. The authorities of the Bryansk region are blaming Ukrainians for the attack. The governor boasts about shooting down a drone and admits that the drone set an oil depot on fire. Attempts to extinguish the fire have been ongoing for several hours.

The Bryansk Oblast of the Russian Federation has again reported an alleged attack by Ukrainian drones. The region's governor, Aleksandr Bogomaz, wrote on Telegram that drones tried to attack the town of Klintsy, located about 60 kilometers from the border with Ukraine. According to him, Russian electronic warfare systems blocked the drones. However, the Russians cannot be too happy with this news because, as Bogomaz said, "when the air target was destroyed, ammunition was dropped on the territory of the Klintsy oil depot".

As a result, a fire broke out in the tank warehouse. Thirteen fire engines and a fire train worked to extinguish the fire. It is important to note that no one was injured in the drone attack.

An oil warehouse is burning in Russia

The Ukrainian private news agency Liga.net, citing its own sources in Russia, assures that the attack was carried out by the Main Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine.

"This attack is a continuation of Ukrainian intelligence operations aimed at striking military targets of the occupiers", said the source.

It is not the end. A gunpowder factory is burning in Russia. Russia complains about a drone attack on the Tambov Gunpowder Factory. An unidentified unmanned aerial vehicle crashed on the plant premises. This was reported by the authors of Russian channels on Telegram on January 19. The Russians immediately accused the Ukrainian Armed Forces of attacking the plant.

As mentioned, the attack on the gunpowder factory occurred the day before at 4 a.m. The drone fell into an area near the gunpowder mixing plant. It was reported that there were no casualties or damage, but staff were evacuated for safety. The factory has experienced explosions before, most notably in June and November last year. In the first case, four people died, and the explosion was allegedly caused by the human factor.

1,250 km is not the end. Ukrainian drones can reach Putin's properties and St. Petersburg. Minister of Strategic Industries Alexander Kamyshyn confirmed that an oil terminal near Russia's northern capital was attacked on the night of January 18 using a Ukrainian drone. He spoke about it during a panel discussion on Ukraine in Davos.

"We were able to produce something that would cost from $350 each and something that was able to fly to St. Petersburg that night. We did it in Ukraine"
Kamyshyn said.

He also suggested that 1,250 km is not the maximum range of Ukrainian drones.

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