A blow to the Kremlin. Romania will shoot down Russian drones

, 20:28, 15.09.2023
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The recent falls of Russian kamikaze drones on Romanian territory were met with a decisive response. The country's authorities announced that they would shoot down Russian drones.

A blow to the Kremlin. Romania will shoot down Russian drones

Romania will shoot down Russian kamikaze drones

Over the past two weeks, at least three Russian kamikaze drones have fallen on the territory of Romania, a NATO country. The Kremlin wanted to use them to attack the port infrastructure of the Ukrainian town of Izmail, but due to a failure or operation of the WRE and OPL systems, the machines fell on Romanian fields.

Romania will fight against Russian drones

Initially, the Romanian authorities, headed by the country's president, denied that the remains of Iranian-made machines were in the country's territory, but OSINT (white intelligence) analysts provided irrefutable evidence that they were very wrong. This caused the narrative to change quickly.

The Romanian government, denying the information provided by the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and denying the results of the investigation by OSINT experts, did not want to cause unnecessary panic among the public or escalate the conflict. Government representatives finally called on the Russian side to provide explanations, but as usual, the Kremlin did not admit anything.

Russian kamikaze drones fell on Romanian territory

That is why the decision was made not only to strengthen the protection of the Danube and the Black Sea coast, using air defense systems and patrol boats, but also to declare that if there is a fear of a Russian drone entering Romanian airspace, the machines will be shot down faster. — If necessary, Romania will shoot down Russian drones, said the Deputy Chief of Staff of the Romanian Ministry of Defense.

Additionally, Romania decided to close the airspace over the area where the drones crashed until further notice and deployed over 600 soldiers there. In this way, air defense systems will be able to do their job without fear of shooting down a civilian aircraft. This is important for the safety of citizens of both Romania and Ukraine.

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