A 14-year-old Ukrainian died in Poland while trying to save his friend

, 14:38, 09.09.2023
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In the Greater Poland Voivodeship, in Swarzędz, a freight train hit two teenagers. A 14-year-old boy from Ukraine died on the spot while trying to save his 13-year-old friend from Poland.

A 14-year-old Ukrainian died in Poland while trying to save his friend

A 14-year-old Ukrainian died while rescuing a friend from Poland

The tragedy occurred on the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, from September 5 to 6, near the railway station in Swarzędz. A freight train traveling from Pruszków to Germany hit two teenagers. In addition to the 14-year-old Ukrainian girl and the 13-year-old Polish girl, there were two other teenagers at the scene. There is no telling what everyone was doing near the train tracks at night. According to unofficial data from “Gazeta Wyborcza”, the Ukrainian lived 40 km from Swarzędz.

“We found out that the girl jumped onto the tracks and the man, trying to save her from the oncoming train, died on the spot. His girlfriend was taken to hospital in Poznań with serious injuries," we read in the report.

It is known that the girl lost an arm, but her condition is extremely serious. It is not known yet whether he will survive. The police continue to investigate and determine all the causes and circumstances of the incident.

5 108 suicides were recorded in Poland in 2022 year

According to statistics from the World Health Organization (WHO), 800,000 people commit suicide every year. The highest number of suicides among European Union countries in 2022 was recorded in Lithuania. Last year, Poland was in tenth place among EU countries. The main factors influencing suicidal behavior in the country include alcoholism, difficult economic conditions, unemployment, mental illness and drug addiction.

Data from the Police Headquarters show that young Poles are committing suicide more and more often. In 2022, over two thousand suicide attempts were recorded among people under 18 years of age. They accounted for over 14% of all registered cases. Experts are sounding the alarm and say that young people feel lonely. Children do not have support from their parents, and the availability of school psychologists in the country needs to be improved. We have already written about the record queues we have observed at the child psychiatrist's office. In Poland, children wait on average 8 months for this specialist, and sometimes even more than a year or two.


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