100 GB of confidential data. Ukraine has information from a Russian drone company

, 21:36, 10.01.2024
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Ukraine's Defense Intelligence Service has secured a significant victory by obtaining 100 gigabytes of classified information on Russia's military-industrial complex from the sanctioned company.

100 GB of confidential data. Ukraine has information from a Russian drone company

The Defense Intelligence Service of Ukraine received a lot of data and documentation

Ukraine's Defense Intelligence Service has received 100 gigabytes of secret information about the military-industrial complex of Russia's occupation forces. This data was provided by the Russian company Special Technology Center (STC). It's noteworthy that the Russian company STC has been under sanctions since 2016. The company's factories produce a variety of military equipment and machines used by the Russian army in the war against Ukraine.

What does confidential data from Russia contain?

STC specializes in the production of Orlan unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in various modifications and also manufactures various electronic warfare devices, intelligence equipment, and other military goods.

The Defense Intelligence Service of Ukraine obtained a significant amount of data and documentation, including 194 sensitive points, such as drawings, technical specifications, patents, software, etc. These documents cover both existing and potential military developments in Russia.

Preliminary estimates by Ukrainian experts value the information obtained at approximately one and a half billion dollars. Ukraine's acquisition of this data is a significant blow to Moscow. Ukrainian intelligence is already using this archive to strengthen Ukraine's defense capabilities and weaken the aggressive state.

Ukrainian intelligence succeeded in obtaining secret information from one of the key enterprises of the Russian military-industrial complex through successful cooperation with patriotic members of society in both Ukraine and Russia.

Russia cooperates with Korea 

In earlier reports, Ukraine's Defense Intelligence Service mentioned checking information about the transfer of ballistic missiles to Russia by North Korea and their use in attacks on Ukrainian cities. It is now confirmed that ballistic missiles are a desired order for Moscow from the DPRK and Iran. On January 4, the White House stated that Russia had received ballistic missiles from North Korea in violation of sanctions and had already used them in recent attacks on Ukraine.

The United States tends to believe Vladimir Putin's claims about sending nuclear weapons to Belarus. Russia and its ally are expected to deploy such weapons near NATO borders, likely as a tactic to pressure the North Atlantic Alliance to stop sending military aid to Ukraine. Journalists discuss this in an article for The Wall Street Journal.

Recalling that at the end of 2023, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko claimed that Russia had completed the deployment of tactical nuclear weapons in his country. Analysts initially considered the words to be a bluff, but they may indeed be true.

US officials are silent on their intelligence surrounding the transfer and it is possible that Lukashenko is bluffing. But U.S. national security adviser Jake Sullivan said in June that Putin had begun taking steps to deploy tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus
we can read in "The Wall Street Journal".

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