Ukrainian women suffer in silence. The soldiers beat them with machine guns and threaten them with death

, 14:30, 10.03.2024
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After Russia's attack on Ukraine, hell broke loose for the inhabitants of this country. Men who fight the occupier suffer, children whose families suddenly fell apart and who lost ground under feet.

Ukrainian women suffer in silence. The soldiers beat them with machine guns and threaten them with death

Ukrainian women suffer in silence

But in an unimaginable way, so do they: wives and mothers mourning husbands and sons sent to war, women raped, beaten, tortured by Russians. Because Russian soldiers can do whatever they want with them, and the scale of their violence knows no bounds.

For two years, the world has been watching events in Ukraine with concern. Western countries send weapons, appeal to Russia to end the conflict, neighboring countries (like Poland) provide assistance to refugees. But on a daily basis, in this modern hell, Ukrainians have to cope on their own.

After two years, they have somehow become accustomed to fleeing to shelters, problems with supplies, sudden drone attacks, bombings, and further reports of war crimes committed by Russians. However, this does not mean that life has become easier. On the contrary - Ukrainians live in constant stress, anxiously awaiting news about their loved ones and fearing what tomorrow will bring.

There are no words to describe how children suffer, deprived of a roof over their heads, separated from their families, and torn from the roots of the places where they grew up. But there are also no words to describe the suffering of women trying to secure everything they have, namely their loved ones. It is on their shoulders that the provision of livelihood and safety for children and parents rests, protection of property. And finally themselves - because today Ukrainian women are commodities for Russians, to be used whenever they feel like it, to be beaten, mistreated, tortured, and imprisoned. Their lives have ceased to have any value.

Widespread sexual violence

Sexual violence in Ukraine is systematic since 2022 year.

As for the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, based on the testimonies of people who have regained their freedom, we know that in addition to regular violence, beatings, torture, about 70% of women and men in Russian dungeons were subjected to sexual violence. It is systemic, and due to the information blockade, we do not know and may never know the full scale of violence.

Russians want to break the psyche of Ukrainian women Victims admitted that Russians are trying to break them psychologically. They not only sexually exploit them but also employ psychological and physical torture, keep them in rooms without water and food so that Ukrainians have to fight for survival.

Sexual violence, brutal rapes, and beatings are not only about young girls. Russian soldiers have no mercy for anyone, and victims of violence include both girls and older women. Soldiers beat them with machine guns, intimidate them, say that if they report the crime, they will return to them and kill them. The worst situation affects women living in places near the front line.

The task of the report was not only to document crimes for which perpetrators should one day be held accountable but also to highlight the suffering of Ukrainian women.

"If Ukraine loses further territories, we may be next. Us and the Baltic countries. And what is happening now with Ukrainian women and men may also happen to us".

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