Russian Freedom Legion announces march on Moscow: A bold move in the fight against Putin

, 19:49, 13.03.2024
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The Russian Freedom Legion, comprised of volunteers fighting alongside Ukraine, declares their intention to march on Moscow as their ultimate goal to liberate Russia from Vladimir Putin's regime.

Russian Freedom Legion announces march on Moscow: A bold move in the fight against Putin

Russian Freedom Legion announces march on Moscow

The march on Moscow is our ultimate goal," said Alexei Baranovsky of the Russian Freedom Legion. Russian volunteers fighting on the side of Ukraine have pledged to continue working towards liberating the country from Vladimir Putin. - We are the true Russian opposition today - emphasized Baranovsky.

Alexei Baranovsky of the Russian Freedom Legion announced that the volunteers aim to further "liberate Russia from Putin."

- We may not be able to achieve this now, but this is our main goal - he said, quoted by the Unian portal.

Saboteurs have entered Russia. Deliberate action during the electoral period

As emphasized, the current actions have been deliberately planned for the period of the presidential elections, which are scheduled to take place on March 15-17.

As Russian citizens, we have decided that we also want to participate in them. This is our way of being heard.

We vote for armed resistance against the Putin regime, for uprising, for revolution - he emphasized.
Baranovsky also pointed out that the goal of the volunteers' actions is to "activate" the Russian opposition. As he assessed, it is currently "terrified" after the death of Alexei Navalny.

We show them that they are not alone, that people are ready to fight.

- We call on everyone to join us in this fight against Putin - he added, emphasizing that armed volunteers are "the real Russian opposition" today.

Russia. Volunteers have resumed operations

On Tuesday, members of the Russian Freedom Legion, the Russian Volunteer Corps, and the Siberian Battalion crossed the border and entered the Belgorod and Kursk regions in Russia.

As they reported, on the same day, they were to seize the town of Tiotkino in the Kursk region. According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, the attacks were "repelled".

Meanwhile, on Wednesday, the volunteers announced attacks on Russian military positions in Kursk and Belgorod. "To avoid civilian casualties, we call on everyone to immediately leave the city. We urge local authorities to save human lives and start evacuation" - they appealed on social media.


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