Russia. Plane crash with Ukrainian prisoners. Dozens of people are dead (video)

, 11:24, 24.01.2024
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An IL-76 military transport plane crashed in Belgorod, Russia, with 74 casualties, including 65 Ukrainian prisoners. The prisoners were to be exchanged for Russian servicemen.

Russia. Plane crash with Ukrainian prisoners. Dozens of people are dead (video)

Several dozen people have reportedly died in the crash of an IL-76 military transport plane in Belgorod, Russia, according to Russian media. The aircraft was carrying 65 Ukrainian prisoners of war who were intended to be exchanged for Russian servicemen. Ukrainian sources allege that the plane was transporting S-300 missiles.

The RIA-Novosti news agency, cited by AFP, reported that the IL-76 crashed in the western Belgorod region, which borders Ukraine. Onboard were 65 Ukrainian prisoners, six crew members, and three escorts, bringing the total casualties to 74, as stated by the Russian Defense Minister.

Plane crash in Russia

A video circulating on social media captures the plane's crash near the village of Jablonowo, followed by an explosion, at around 11 local time (approximately 9 a.m. in Poland).

Dmitry Peskov, the spokesman for the Russian president, acknowledged awareness of the disaster but refrained from providing further details.

Contrarily, local Ukrainian media, citing sources in the defense forces, suggest that Ukraine shot down the plane, asserting that it was transporting missiles. "Ukrainska Pravda" reports, "Sources in the General Staff claim that the plane was carrying missiles for the S-300 air defense system".


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