Russia. Criticism of Putin on propaganda television. The host had to stop [VIDEO]

, 14:32, 28.05.2023
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A fragment of the program, which was broadcast on Russian propaganda television, was published on social media. At some point, the host Andrei Norkin was forced to stop the discussion

Russia. Criticism of Putin on propaganda television. The host had to stop [VIDEO]

Women behind the Kremlin's propaganda machine. "Putin's Iron Doll" is on the front line of the information war

A fragment of the program, which was broadcast on Russian propaganda television, was published on social media. At some point, the host Andrei Norkin was forced to stop the discussion. All because one of the interlocutors stated that it was necessary to remove Vladimir Putin from power.

The recording was shared on Twitter, among others, by an adviser to the Ukrainian Minister of Internal Affairs, Anton Gerashchenko. It is about the “Meeting Place” program on NTV, which belongs to Gazprom. The host of the program is Andrei Norkin, who in November 2022 refused to comment on the withdrawal of Russian troops from Kherson. He said at the time that he “didn't want to go to prison” for criticizing the army and the government.

“For the first time on Russian television, propagandists said that Putin and other leaders of the country must resign and others must be elected in their place” Gerashchenko wrote, adding a recording from the Russian broadcast.

Russia. Surprise at the propaganda station. The politician called for a change of power

One of the invited guests was the Russian opposition politician Boris Nadezhdin, who was formerly associated with Boris Nemtsov, murdered in 2015, an opponent of Vladimir Putin. During the program, he decided to criticize the Russian dictator, claiming that Putin should be removed from office.

“Under the current political regime, there is no return to Europe for us. We should simply elect new authorities to rule the country that will end this history with Ukraine, rebuild relations with European countries and everything will return to its place” he said.

Then they tried to stop him. — But why? Boris, you are predictable. I expected you to say that, word for word, 100 percent. It's boring – said the co-host of the program, Ivan Trushkin. “Russian voters will not listen to this appeal anyway and will do the opposite” added Andrei Norkin.

We have presidential elections next year. We need to elect someone else, but not Putin! Then everything will be fine. If you want to play Europe, you have to make a decision. You want to play ice hockey with Canada, not the Indians, then … — added Nadezhdin, when his speech was sharply interrupted. — We have to end this, okay? Let's take a pause here - Norkin pleaded.

The list of Russian propagandists

The list of Russian propagandists is very long and would probably include several hundred names. It is about a dozen or so television stations, radio stations and information portals that shape public opinion. Since de facto military censorship was introduced in the country, there is no longer any free media in Moscow.

  • Dmitrij Kisielow
  • Vladimir Soloviev
  • Olga Vladimirovna Skabeeva, “Putin's Iron Doll”
  • Yevgeny Popov
  • Margarita Simonian

The role of Russian propagandists in the aggression against Ukraine is very important, and perhaps even decisive. They are at the head of the information and propaganda machine and "zombize" people from the TV screen. Their responsibility lies on the same scale as the responsibility of the soldiers who are fighting a war here in Ukraine. Propagandists are committing genocide in the information space, presenting the Ukrainian nation as a nation of “second class”, denying us the right to statehood. He argues that in the future, they should sit in the dock with war criminals before an international criminal court.

Employees of the Russian state-owned media are doing everything they can to maintain the culture of fear developed over the years in Russians – and to stop them from thinking for themselves. Over the past year, the noose around the Kremlin's metaphorical media neck has been tightening more and more, and the Western viewer has found it hard to believe that the Russian believes what he sees on television. Cracks have begun to appear in the cement block that Putin believes the Russian worldview will be, according to CNN.

“I don't think they're telling the truth”

Some Russians are fed up with insistent propaganda and try to mute the state message. The more tech-savvy are installing digital tools to bypass state-imposed lockdowns and are looking for front-line stories and photos.

“At first I supported it” Natalia, a 52-year-old resident of Moscow, tells CNN, calling the invasion what the Kremlin ordered a “special military operation.” But now I'm against it. My son is at the mobilization age, and I am worried about him. I have many friends in Ukraine, I talk to them on a regular basis. I am against what is happening.

I don't trust our TV. I don't know if they're telling the truth or not. I have my doubts. But I don't think they say.

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