Latvia plans to strengthen security on the border with Belarus. They are considering mining

, 19:54, 06.09.2023
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The Latvian ministry announced its willingness to strengthen the border with Belarus. The Minister of National Defense Inara Murniece pointed out that military reinforcements should be prepared.

Latvia plans to strengthen security on the border with Belarus. They are considering mining

Belarusian services are destroying the infrastructure on the border with Latvia. "The situation may escalate"

Murience said that the Latvian border should be strengthened both technically and militarily. According to Belsat, the country's authorities intend to examine the area to determine the best security measures. The main reason is the desire to minimize traffic at the border.

— The Ministry of Internal Affairs is responsible for building the fence, installing sensors and cables, and it should be done as soon as possible. But the border should also be prepared from a military point of view, because we see how quickly the situation in Belarus is developing, the Belarusian media quoted the minister.

Latvia secures the border. They want military security

A working group consisting of specialists from the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Defense of Latvia has been established to streamline the activities.

In turn, the Delfi portal reported that the minister is also considering taking almost radical military measures. The border security measures would include metal barriers, "dragon's teeth", and anti-tank mines are even being considered.

The minister emphasized that the border must be strengthened militarily. It is necessary to carry out an analysis of practical aspects, for example a terrain survey, to determine what measures to limit the mobility of enemy equipment would be appropriate for a specific section of the border. First of all, we are talking about anti-tank barriers and metal-concrete structures. The possibility of placing anti-tank mines is also being considered.

It was also announced that the installation of the fence was accelerated. "My vision and political stance is that the cleanup of borders should be completed by the end of this year", she added.

Latvia remains the only European Union country bordering Belarus that has not yet completed the construction of a permanent fence on the border. The barrier was put up by Poland and Lithuania.

At the same time, the Ministry of Defense is working to help the Ministry of Interior expedite the installation of the fence.

Actual strengthening of NATO borders

Mūrniece noted that border arrangements are being developed together with the other Baltic States, as the eastern border should be strengthened on the territory of the Baltic States and Poland.

“My vision and political position is that the border should be strengthened by the end of this year. At the same time, anti-mobility measures should be implemented throughout the Baltic region. Cooperation with Estonia is very close and I hope that Lithuania will also join. Poland has always been active," said the minister.


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