He is destroying Russian tanks in Ukraine. His father is in one of them

, 11:41, 30.09.2023
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The article portrays the story of Kacz, a 19-year-old soldier born in Russia but raised in Ukraine, who serves as a Bradley combat vehicle commander, actively engaging in the fight against occupiers.

He is destroying Russian tanks in Ukraine. His father is in one of them

The young soldier was born in Russia. When the war broke out, he volunteered to fight in the ranks of Ukraine

In the Zaporizhia Oblast, a 19-year-old soldier is actively engaged in the battle against occupiers in the vicinity of Robotyne village. Despite being born in Russia, he was raised in Ukraine. This young man, known by the nickname Kacz, holds the position of a Bradley combat vehicle commander, tasked with destroying Russian tanks. Interestingly, on the opposing side of the front line, Kacz's father, who volunteered for the Russian army, is also involved in the conflict.

A young soldier fights on the side of Ukraine. "It's my everything"

Kacz shared his story while at the field base of the 47th Separate Mechanized Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, located approximately 30 kilometers from the battlefront. He willingly joined the Ukrainian army immediately after turning 18.

Following a year of training at an American military facility in Germany, Kacz assumed the role of commander for one of the Bradley tracked infantry fighting vehicles generously provided to Ukraine by the United States.

"I learned that my father was stationed on the opposing front as soon as I began my service here. I am aware that he is still in this area and serves as a tank operator, while I am engaged in destroying Russian tanks using the Bradley," Kacz admitted.

This young soldier stands resolute in his commitment to Ukraine. “Ukraine is my home, my family, my friends. It's everything for me”, he emphasized. He clarified that his knowledge of his father's presence within the ranks of the enemy army does not deter him from fighting for his adopted homeland.

"I've never had the chance to meet my father in person. He remains a stranger to me," Kacz remarked. "The first time I saw his face was in a photograph shown to me by a family friend. I don't harbor any particular emotions towards him. He's a stranger, and I have a mission to carry out. There are orders, and I follow them", Kacz affirmed.

The 47th Separate Mechanized Brigade, in which Kacz serves, played a vital role in the battle to liberate the strategically significant village of Robotyne. On August 28, the Ukrainian army confirmed the successful capture of this town, although skirmishes in the vicinity persist.

The capture of Robotyne paves the way for Ukrainian forces toward Tokmak and Melitopol, and ultimately, to the border with Crimea, which has been under occupation since 2014.

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