Drone attack on Moscow in the business district. The Expocenter office building was damaged [VIDEO]

, 09:19, 18.08.2023
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A Ukrainian drone struck a building in Moscow, causing an explosion that was heard throughout the city's business district, Ukrainska Pravda reported, citing reports from Russian officials.

Drone attack on Moscow in the business district. The Expocenter office building was damaged [VIDEO]

Another drone attack in Russia. This time the center of Voronezh

The drone attack on the "Moscow City" took place around 4 Moscow time. According to the Russian side, the unmanned aerial vehicle was hit by air defense and its fragments damaged the Expocenter skyscraper. The bang from the impact was heard throughout the business district.

A video has appeared online showing thick smoke rising from the center of the Russian capital.

The attack was confirmed by the Russian Defense Ministry, which published a message on Telegram. "August 18, around 04:00 Moscow time, the regime in Kiev carried out another terrorist attack using an unmanned aerial vehicle on objects in Moscow and the Moscow region," we read. It added that the impact did not cause a fire and "there were no casualties".

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin said there were no "significant losses".

Kyiv did not comment on the events in the Russian capital.

Friday's attack was another in a series of unmanned aerial strikes on Moscow. Often their destination is the business district of the city.

Attempted attacks on Russian ships

On Thursday late in the evening, according to the Russian Defense Ministry, there was also an attempt to attack the ships of the Black Sea Fleet.

According to the Ministry's statement, the unmanned aerial vehicles were shot down.


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