Drone attack on Moscow. A turn in the war or an operation by the Russian services?

, 11:24, 30.05.2023
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The inhabitants of Moscow and the surrounding area heard a series of large explosions in the early hours of the morning. These were not exercises – but a large-scale kamikaze drone attack.

Drone attack on Moscow. A turn in the war or an operation by the Russian services?

The raid showed that the anti-aircraft defense of the Russian capital is astonishingly inefficient

Drone Attack on Moscow was a complete surprise for the Russians. Drones hit many places in the Russian capital, sending Moscow into panic and unquestionably undermining the ability of the Russian army to successfully defend the country's most important city from air attack.

The raid showed that the anti-aircraft defense of the Russian capital is astonishingly inefficient.

In the attack on Moscow, drones of an unknown type were used – most likely the machines of the same design as those that hit Krasnodar four days earlier. There were at least a dozen drones that hit Moscow. The machines are of considerable size and have a characteristic design. It is a specific variation on the so-called duck system, known and used in various ways in aviation. From the layman's point of view, they may look a bit like a light aircraft flying backwards – in the front part of the fuselage they have additional wings, shorter than the main ones. They are driven by a pusher propeller – located at the end of the tail of the machine. The Russians also admitted that they had never dealt with such drones before. “During the attack on Moscow, machines of a previously unknown type were used” announced Alexei Rogozin, head of the Center for the Development of Transport Technologies of the Russian Federation.

The drones that have been observed over Moscow are much larger than the Iranian kamikaze drones of the Shahid family used by the Russians to attack Ukraine. They can probably also carry a more powerful warhead than them. They move relatively slowly. Their speed corresponds more to the standards of helicopters than combat aircraft.

Drone Attack on Moscow

Ukraine has denied responsibility for the raid. However, its scale and connection with a smaller kamikaze drone attack on Krasnodar in southern Russia, carried out 4 days earlier, seem to make the guess that it could have been an operation of the Ukrainian army. And that after 15 months of war, the country, defending itself against Russian aggression, gained real capabilities to provide an adequate response to the regularly repeated kamikaze drone attacks on Ukrainian cities and critical infrastructure facilities.

Last night, the Russians sent no less than 31 Shahid drones over Ukraine. 29 of them were to be shot down by Ukrainian anti-aircraft defenses. The country attacked by Russia has been plagued by such attacks since spring 2022. Therefore, Ukraine's desire to obtain the ability to strike back would be completely justified.

However, there is also an interpretation according to which the Russian services could be behind the attack on Moscow – and that as a false flag operation, it would precede and justify the announcement of general mobilization in Russia.


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